“Leslie Adrift”, by Robert Gorelick


I’ve become unmoored
Set adrift,

Isolation confines me

The beach was warm but sank when the horizon retreated

My thoughts get scrambled
Did you hear that?  Why are they so angry?

I’ve drifted too far out
Rescue’s out of the question

I’m abandoned—I’m lonely

Sometimes I can imagine things as they were—
And I’m able to smile again

Robert Gorelick is a former U.S. Navy photographer.  He holds multiple subject and special education credentials from California State University, Northridge.  He has recently completed a memoir of his Los Angeles youth, in the form of a creative non-fiction anthology.  He spends the preponderance of his spare time in neighborhood coffee shops and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. Born and raised in Los Feliz and Hollywood, he currently resides in Woodland Hills, California.  

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