“Sisterhood”, by Semra Eren-Nijhar

Is like saying 
My life is yours
When you carry
The darkness
Into brightness
With the light 
In your eyes
Being beside you
Without questions
Her shoulder
On yours
Without an excuse 
While giving
More meaning 
Into your life 
Sisterhood is
And means

Semra Eren-Nijhar is an author, poet, documentary maker, social commentator and an acclaimed consultant on migration and heritage. An expert on Turkish Heritage and Turkish people living in Europe and Executive Director of SUNCUT.

Eren-Nihar has researched social policy across Europe and Turkey over 35 years focusing on issues of heritage, migration, women, youth, exclusion, belonging & memory. Presenting her findings creatively through literature, poetry and art.

She had international photographic exhibitions and has received many awards for her outstanding achievement in her work

Eren-Nijhar is the author of more than ten books.

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