Indelible Evenings

Indelible Evenings is a series of online literary events featuring writers, poets, and artists from around the world. Events are hosted by writer, poet, and scholar Dr. Roula-Maria Dib, founding editor of Indelible.

Festive Season Poetry Finale 2021

“Connection and Disconnection in the IKEA Age” poetry event ft. Mab Jones and Roula-Maria Dib

Poetry Evening with Poet-Diplomat Abhay K.

The Versatility of Vampires: featuring Charlaine Harris and Dr. Catriona Miller

“What the Sleuth: On Detective Fiction”, featuring authors Carol Pouliot and John Gaspard

Connie Berry, Susan Rowland, and Grace Topping on “The Holy Grail of Detective Fiction”

Dr. Stephen P. Kelner: Motivate your creativity and writing

Part 1-Medicine and Poetry: ft. Dr. Norbert Hirschhorn, Dr. Fouad M. Fouad, and Dr. Hanna Saadeh

Part II: Medicine and Poetry, ft. Dr. Norbert Hirschhorn, Dr. Fouad M. Fouad, Dr. Hanna A. Saadeh.

Launching of Indelible’s Issue n. 5 (Event 2– POETRY): Opening reading by Professor Ruth Padel

Launching of Indelible’s Issue no. 5 (Event 1: Art and Prose section)

Jasper Fforde in Conversation

Writing Fantasy, Mystery, and Crime Fiction: Leigh Perry and Josh Pachter in conversation.

“Modzoom”: Pomodoro-Style Writing Session

Poetry Grand Finale: Ruth Padel, Fiona Sampson, Anthony Anaxagorou, Omar Sabbagh, Roula-Maria Dib

Anthony Anaxagorou: Empire, Diaspora, and Family in “After the Formalities”

Justina Robson, “Fabulous Powers: Writing the Unreal, Creating Reality”

Peter Salmon: “Who was Jacques Derrida?”

Fiona Sampson, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning: the making of a pioneering poet”

Juliet Bates: “Pictures of Home”

Omar Sabbagh: Only Connect–A Talk on the Creative Facets of Critical Writing

Indelible Poets’ Open Mic Event — AUD Indelible Festival of Literature

Maria Donovan: “Writing in Real Time” (Part 1, “Why”?)

Maria Donovan: Writing in Real Time (Part 2)

Roula-Maria Dib: “Simply Being”, Book Launch

Leslie Gardner on Practical Writing: What Makes a Good Novel?

Ruth Padel: “What Songs do you Sing? From a Lifetime of Making Music to Poems about Beethoven”

Indelible Evenings 11–Dr. Hanna Saadah

Indelible Evenings 10 – Professor Claude Barbre: On Acedia and the Creative Will

Indelible Evenings 9 – Prose Launch of “Escapism” Issue

Indelible Evenings 8: Poetry Evening (Pre-Launch event for Indelible’s “Escapism” Issue)

Poetry Evening with Steve Pottinger

Indelible Evenings 5: Virtual Poetry Event (October 2020)

Indelible Evenings 4 – Words, Images, & Design: Paola Visconti, Antonio Signorini, & Dr. Dolly Daou.

Indelible Evenings 3- On Ekphrasis: The Dialogue between Poetry and Painting

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