Psychreative Salon

Psychreative is a monthly get-together for Jungian creatives. The purpose is to build an international community of Jungian creatives and to find a fun, informal way for cultivating a shared artistic space under the umbrella of “active imagination”.

UP NEXT, October 29, 2022–7:00 pm (London, BST): Katherine Murphy, “Blood in Our Sugar: Psychotherapy and Ethical Responsibility”. To book (free):

Previous Events:

September 24, 2022: Professor Claude Barbre, “Spirit in Matter and the Unus Mundus: C.G. Jung’s Writing on the Psychoid Archetype”. To book:

Psychreative10: Leah Larwood on “Using Dreams and Poetry to Ride the Belly of the Whale”

Psychreative 9: Dr. Birgit Heuer, “Deep Positivity: Re-reading Jung’s Self and Introducing a Post-Post Jungian Era”

Psychreative 8: Introduction by Dr. Kevin Lu

Psychreative #7: Featuring Louise Austin, “Playing in the Imaginal Realm”

Psychreative Session #6: Poetry Readings (opening talk by Briony Clarke)

Psychreative Session #5 Opening Talk: Jessica Steel

Psychreative: June Session, featuring Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer on “The Secret Function of Beauty”)

Psychreative (May 2021 Session), Opening Talk: Prof. Roderick Main

Psychreative: April Session

Psychreative: The first get-together, opening talk: Prof. Susan Rowland