Art: Lorette C. Luzajic

Lorette on her work: “My visual artwork reflects my eclectic curiosity about everything. Working with collage and a wide variety of mixed media allows me to experiment continually and explore the whole world, to make unexpected juxtapositions, to place ideas and elements together, and to take them apart. I’m inspired by poetry, beauty, people, art history, travel, humour, and colour.  My artworks are vignettes of moments, often just a passing dream, meant to be read the way a poem is, that is, viscerally, for their strange beauty.”

“In Chess, Even Legendary Masters Are Still Beginners”, 48×48″, mixed media on gallery canvas, by Lorette C. Luzajic.

“All the Beauty”, 12×12″, mixed media on canvas by Lorette C. Luzajic.

“Wonder Woman For President”, 48×48″, mixed media on gallery canvas.

From the editor: Lorette Luzajic expresses the aspects of new thresholds in life: journeys toward love, change, and achievement. In her work “In Chess, Even Legendary Masters Are Still Beginners”, we can see how in the game of life, every master is always challenged by the beginning of a newer, tougher phase that leaves us stronger than how we were as masters of the phase before it. Every source of inspiration on a journey is rooted in its own beauty, as expressed in Luzajic’s “All the Beauty”, and inner power, along with ambition and confidence, is always a call for action and change, and a necessary aspect of every threshold, as shown in “Wonder Woman for President”.

Lorette C. Luzajic is an award winning  collage mixed media artist from Toronto, Canada. She has exhibited in fairs, festivals, literary journals and other print and online publications, galleries, cafes, hotels, billboards, laundromats, banks,  residences, gardens, auctions, and museums at home as well as in Mexico, Tunisia, USA, and around the world. She has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Journalism, and is the founding editor ofThe Ekphrastic Review, a journal of literature inspired by visual art. Visit her at

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