Editor’s Note: Thresholds, a Journey Begins


Indelible, AUD’s literary journal, breathes its first not only on the heels of 2019, but at a time coinciding with Dubai’s Month of Reading, and during a very exciting period, which is just a few months shy of the long-awaited Expo 2020. With the Expo’s theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, and subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability in mind, Indelible, in its current shape and form, is proud to take part in embodying these concepts: the opportunity for creatives to publish, gain acknowledgement, be seen, and cross paths with other like-minded talents who are also attempting to reach out to a broader literary and artistic global community. This brings us to the next Expo subtheme, that of Mobility—the agility of the written word, thought, and expression that will be able to travel across the world via this platform. The platform, an electronic literary magazine, also tends to focus on Sustainability—in its environment-friendly paperless form, not only sustaining trees, but also supporting the indelible quality of the written word that remains and prevails.

I am excited to watch Indelible spring and grow, as it bridges cultures and minds through a prospering community of the finest readers, voices, and aesthetic eyes around the globe. “Thresholds” will be the theme of the first issue; we are now at the  threshold of a new inter-cultural literary era, sharing and showcasing our different expressions of the worlds around us and in us with each other as a global literary community. This is how AUD’s creativity reaches out to the world.

Dr. Roula-Maria Dib 
Editor in Chief

AUD’s new online literary journal, Indelible, will be a showcase for the many-limbed, hydra-headed, multifarious creative works of the AUD community.  Encompassing and ranging across visual arts and textual, and different genres within both, our hope is that this new and fabulous literary foray out of AUD will enhance the public face and expand the remit of AUD’s continual practices in the liberal arts.  By giving both the student body and the faculty spacious room to exhibit their accomplishments, we hope to be part of a continuing gambit at AUD, which aims to show the inborn and the studied talents of her inhabitants – because AUD is a dwelling-place for so many of those talents, both recognised to date and as yet unrecognised.  In short, we hope to evince in the serial developments of this new, incipient AUD organ, the way the minds of both young and older practitioners in the liberal arts are geared onto the future, theirs, as much as the same can be said for AUD and Dubai more generally.

Dr. Omar Sabbagh 
Associate Editor

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