Photography: Around the World through One Lens, by Dr. Roula-Maria Dib

Outside a Confucian temple in Shanghai: Small requests for “wisdom” are hung down from the tree branches. We were told that these requests are made by people from different religious backgrounds backgrounds (not necessarily “Confucian”). Perhaps Wisdom is what unites people, which is what I came to realize in this place.
Qana, South Lebanon: Two Muslim boys climb up a tree to pluck some of its healing leaves and give them to Christian sightseers. The boys believe that this specific tree had been blessed by Jesus, and to this day, they use its leaves for healing illness: “We believe in Jesus just like you do. He lived here, in our town”, said one of the boys.
A view of Toledo, Spain, with Alcazar de Toledo perched at the highest point of the city of many cultures.
East meets West at the tea table: A picture of a poster hung on the walls in a tea museum in Hangzhou, China. Queen Elizabeth joins a Chinese tea ceremony.
Capturing a scene of globalization and fast food chains in Shanghai.
A Muslim lady in South Lebanon shows Christian visitors the site that is believed to have been that of the Cana Wedding. She explains to them how these jars are believed to be the ones of Jesus’s first miracle.
The Praza do Obradorio, where pilgrims and hikers from all walks of life and all around the globe gather to mark the destination of their journey (the Camino de Santiago).
A scene with both local Shanghainese and foreigners are on the same boat during a river ride.

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