Message from AUD’s President

Dr. Schmidt giving everyone a thumbs-up from the AUD campus

In these uncertain and challenging times, I often think of the saying, or something similar which is attributed to a myriad of people throughout the ages, that times like these bring out the best of humanity.  Always an optimist, I am convinced, and have seen firsthand, how it does indeed bring out the best.

While isolated, in our self-quarantine, when we find ourselves away from our friends, families, and our colleagues, the bridge that connects and inspires us is art.

Arts sustains us. It nourishes our mind, and more importantly, our soul. It is the illumination of our connectivity and our humanity and it remains the guiding light to our faith, the faith that tomorrow will be a better day than today and the faith that we will emerge from the slightly gray skies we now find ourselves under. Enjoy this edition of Indelible. It represents the very best of AUD of during this unsettling, and yet fleeting, stage.

Dr. David A. Schmidt
AUD President

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