Poems by Christine Murray

Murray 1Murray 2Murray 3

Christine Murray lives in Dublin with her two children Tadhg and Anna. Her poetry has been widely published, both in print and online, in chapbooks, anthologies, and journals. She founded and edits Poethead; A Poetry Site that is dedicated to platforming work by women poets, their translators, and editors. She is an active member of Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon which seeks to celebrate and draw awareness to the rich cultural heritage of Irish women poets through awareness-raising and reading. She currently curates the Fired! archive at RASCAL (Research And Special Collections Available Locally- Queen’s University, Belfast).
Christine Murray’s latest poetry collection “Gold Friend” is forthcoming in Autumn 2020 with Turas Press, Dublin.

Poethead Website: http://www.poethead.wordpress.com
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/celizmurray
RASCAL: http://www.rascal.ac.uk/institutions/fired-irish-women-poets-and-canon


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