Poetry: “Motion Equals Emotion”, by Nour Rouhana

Motion Equals Emotion
I dance to feel free. 
I dance to gaze off to another universe; one that holds me captive and wishes never to let me go. 
I dance to hold on to whatever makes me alive, to preserve the last drops of my blood, sweat, and tears that help me reach my ultimate potential and become the person i have always wanted to be. 
I dance to feel free. 
I dance to gaze off to another universe;
To connect, to feel... to pray, perhaps.
To trust that the universe is with me, in me.
I dance to open my heart and to live openheartedly because motion equals emotion.
In the end, with every inch of me, I say this:
‘Dance is my beginning, my end, and everything in between.’

Nour Rouhana is a 22 year old Lebanese architect who loves transformational art in all its forms. For Nour, art creates emotions out of thin air and transforms them into spaces and words. Creative writing is truly a fundamental hobby of hers that gives her so much joy and freedom to create.

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