Food Art by Jolanda Stokkermans

If any art can be edible, then it must be that of Jolanda Sokkermans, who has got to be the coolest lunchbox packing mom ever, turning healthy food into masterpieces that are too pretty to eat! Jolanda, a mother of two living in Koersel, Belgium, shares some of her incredible dishes with Indelible—try guessing the ingredients in each artwork!

From Jolanda: “A year and a half ago I started a website about meal prep with 5 menus to cook ahead for several days. During my search for nice pictures of the dishes, I decided to design and photograph the plates myself. I didn’t want to make boring pictures, so I let my creativity loose. This got a bit out of hand, ending in animals, skylines and portraits. I am a graphic designer by training so that’s why 🙂

My kids encouraged me to post this on Instagram, where I don’t even have an account yet, and this ended in an unexpected 22,000 followers!

After several online features (Bored Panda, 9Gag, Wix, Talenthouse, My Modern Met, Marie Claire etc. and interviews, I received all kinds of requests for interviews, assignments and workshops, some of which I have carried out, some have been postponed due to Covid-19 and are still on the planning in the future. Currently I am working on several workshops for adults and children.”

To follow Jolanda on social media:

Facebook: De Meal Prepper

Instagram: @demealprepper

Twitter: @demealprepper

Sushi plate with fresh salmon and cucumber. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.
Crunchy pie crust with a portrait of Freddie Mercury.
Bengal Beauty! Inspired by @tigerkingnetflix; made with black and Thai jasmine rice. 
Crunchy pie crust, coloured with chocolate, to cover a small apple pie
Rooster Veggies: roasted vegetables: turnip, bel peppers and cucumber, served with mashed potatoes. Season with Ras-el-hanout , salt and pepper.
King of the Jungle! Aromatic Basmati rice with fresh tuna sashimi, noodles and soy sauce.
Unicorn Delight! Creamy turnip puree with carrots, sweet corn, peas, rucola, broccoli and bell peppers. 
Hedgehog Herbee! A tasty rice dish, spiced with chili oil, black truffle, kurkuma and fresh parsley, as a portrait of Herbee.
Rudolph’s Treat: Fresh seafood and smoked salmon, served with sushi rice and samphire. 
Elsa’s Sweet Dessert: Creamy ‘Frozen’ strawberry ricotta served with sweetened pasta.
Biscuit pie with a topping of chocolat crème au beurre and cocoa. 
Couscous à la Warhol: Spicy side dish with chili peppers and saffron
Mr. Peacock Salad: Light salad with figs, grapes, cucumber, kiwi, shrimps and smoked salmon.
African Beauty! Veggie vermicelli with homemade fresh tomato sauce, carrots, green peppers, onions and garlic.
Out of Africa! Poke plate with sushi rice, fresh tuna and nori.
Peter Rabbit Potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes, enoki and browned butter, died with a little spirulina and carrot powder.
Pelican Plate: Sushi rice, wasabi, nori and a little couscous for decoration.
Girl With The Pearl Earring: creamy mashed potatoes, and decorated with tortilla wraps, yogurt, curry powder and food colour. 
Tiramisu Lupin: This is a delicious cake, Baileys and banana tiramisu, decorated with a portrait cookie of @omarsyofficial, from the Netflix series Lupin! 
The Queen’s Gambit: Crunchy pie crust, with a portrait of @anyataylorjoy, as the chess player Beth Harmon.
Carrot Stew Squirrel: a stew of carrots, potatoes, onions and a green apple.
 @mrbean with creamy garlic mashed potatoes.
Foxy Lady Breakfast: Greek yogurt, marmalade, wheatgrass, cacao powder and chocolate nibs.

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