“Dream of a Better You”, by Abdullah Ghanem


Abdullah Ghanem is a director and animator from Lebanon. He holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia from the University of Balamand – Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts. Year 2008, he started teaching Graphic Design and Animation in several Universities. He got assigned in 2012 as Head of the Design department in the American University of Culture and Education, Beirut. Abdullah spent the past decade working on projects in Lebanon and Internationally.

Year 2016, he worked in the motion graphics section at Music or Media Holding. He was responsible for presentations, bumpers, promos, Tv spots (direction / post production), led screen billboards, and led screen graphics for events for each of the following companies: NRJ (radio and tv), Aghani Aghani (radio and tv), Nostalgie Radio, Arabica TV, 2U2C, and Mount Lebanon Radio Station.

Ghanem directed several Music and lyric videos for artists such as Wael Kfoury, Mahmoud Eid, Walid el Hallani, and Marrita. He also worked on the video editing, special effects, coloring and retouching.

Year 2020, Abdullah decided to concentrate more on freelancing and took several projects with individual clients. September 2020, he started a 3d animated short film project with ICTJ. He was the 3d generalist, animator, video editor and director of the movie.

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