Art: by Karla Van Vliet

In the space between silence and the word there is asemic writing, which for me bridges the distance. As both an artist and poet I am intrigued with this transitory realm. The act of making the gesture of writing, generating marks on the page, be it letter or character, dendritic form or simple line and shape, keeps me engaged in the practice of expression and in conversation with what is emerging from my unconscious to be communicated. 

When working with ink on paper my works are often the size of a book page, so when seen, it is as if they were an ancient text, discovered and waiting to be translated by the viewer. My intent is to create a sense of stillness, a place where feeling can open and be experienced. 

My newest book Fluency: A Collection of Asemic Writings has just been released from Shanti Arts. She Speaks in Tongues, a collection of poems and asemic writings which is forthcoming from Anhinga Press, Fall 2021. My books, From the Book of Remembrance and The River From My Mouth, collections of poems and paintings can be found at Shanti Arts, Fragments: From the Lost Book of the Bird Sprit at Folded Word. All can be found on

I am a member of WAAVe Global (Women Asemic Artists & Visual Poets) and Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate. 

Submerged in Blue Water Psalm
Lyric of the Waterlily its Essence
Sunshine Salutation
Hum of Gossaber Light
From the Rocks Fissure Keening

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