Editor’s Note: The Feminine

Dear Readers,

The feminine, in all its forms and forces, manifests itself in incredible ways in the world—nevertheless through art of all types. And that’s a great cause for celebration, which is what Indelible #6 does. This mega issue is brimming with over 60 stellar contributions of both nascent and established creatives from around the world, reflecting countless depictions of the feminine through some amazing photography, poetry (prose poetry, lyrical, asemic, and visual), painting, fiction, and nonfiction.

There is an epic feel to this issue, starting with the phenomenal art featured on the front cover—artist Tomoko Nagao’s stunning Birth of Venus with Baci, Esselenga, Barilla, PSP, and Easyjet. Among the spaghetti packets, jet-packed skies, and the PSP version of Boticelli’s cockleshell is the modern-day centrepiece of a new Renaissance, a perfect symbol for this issue. Indelible #6 is in itself an incendiary of images, feelings, histories, futures, myths, dreams, and experiences—all commemorating the surreal and sacred half of universe: the feminine.

You will find a bumper pack of verse and visuals on heirlooms, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nurses, sisters, wives, lovers, priestesses, and muses; you will contemplate ideas on gender and femininity, freedom and oppression, silence and brazenness; from witch hunts to weddings, you will journey through the sea, the homeland, the cavernous, the subterranean, the illuminated, and the dark; you will meet the seductress, the nurturer, the femme fatale, the earth, the goddess, the traveller, the cook, the teacher, the pietà, the patriarchal, and the proud; you will find fashion, flowers, birds, shells, and pearls.

And you will continue to see her in the moon, the Gioconda, Las Meninas, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, Princess Candy, and in the stubborn gaze of freedom’s eyes.

Best wishes,

Founding Editor, Indelible
Director, Indelible Evenings and Psychreative

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