“The Plan” and Other Poem, by Sandy Rochelle

The Plan
In the safety of slumber I spoke to you.
Never expecting your voice in return.
This time you answered.
As if bestowing on me a long awaited gift.
Why did you not tell me that you could sing with the 
Voice of an angel.
We sang together.
As if on the moors of love.
You explained why you had waited so long.
And I understood.
The struggles.
The holding back.
All part of the plan.
In the comfort of sleep you confessed.
In the warmth of dreams you revealed the truth of us.
And I understood. 
Published by Trouvaille Review
Barren Earth
The barren earth speaks no more.
The wilderness accepts our plea.
Forgotten by the sun once promised.
We bow our heads in forbearance and strength.
The love that is inescapable will guide us to the
Garden we once knew.
How well did you tend your garden.
Our silent voices know that toil will redeem itself.
Our visions guide our prayers.
The desert is outside.
The garden is within.
How will you tend your garden.
The days will not wither.
The sky will not darken.
The mud that dries our hands.
Is the alchemy that waits unseen.
What Was
I am ten I am twelve with flowers in my hair.
My skirts search the air as I twirl in my sleep.
Spellbound by promises my parents would keep.
Guided by dreams of words never spoken.
Of lakes full of dolphins that swim by my side.
My hair with red ribbons that accompany my smile.
Of changes unwelcome and needing repair.
Of ten and of twenty we meet at the door.
Of wisdom exchanged.
Of hearts never touched.
Of what was forgotten and left at the door.
Published by Poetic Sun.    

Sandy Rochelle is a widely published poet-actress and filmmaker.
She hosted the television series, ‘On Our Own’, winner of the President’s Award.
Publications include: Dissident Voice, Black Poppy Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Wild Word, Potato Soup Journal, Impspired, Ekphrastic Review, Every Day Writer, flashfictionnorth, and others. 

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