Photography: A Key Hanging from a Necklet, by Dorine Potel

This series of six photographs shows us posters hanging on the bedroom wall of a young Palestinian. Several picture arrangements are present side-by-side and express the thoughts of a teenager trying to find and confirm his own ways. Faced with these sundry symbols, where a Handala has his back to us, and a key hanging from a necklet suggests an opening, our gaze slides from one image to the next, lingers, examines and moves on. The symbols, in the very effort they elicit to comprehend, make us, by the same token, tolerate such juxtaposed worlds, which peacefully coexist in representation.

Dorine Potel (born in 1982, in France) obtained her degree from the National School of Decorative Arts, ENSAD, in Paris, in 2006. She studied then under the two eminent artists, Florence Paradeis and Brice Dellsperger. Very soon after her graduation, she worked as a photographer in advertising. That experience left its mark on her thinking, as it confirmed once and for all the power of various forms of discourse and image manipulation, as well as the fragility of our imagination.
Henceforth, in making her images, she has paid careful attention to what what we see and the questions we ask, as well as our imaginary, while avoiding one-sided interpretations. Photographs and videos are, for Dorine Potel, two ways of keeping in direct touch with the world, hidden as it is under its endless representations.
She currently lives and works in France and Lebanon.
Her work has been exhibited at Beirut Art Center (Lebanon), Espace Gred in Nice, the International Photography Festival in Lianzhou, China, the Baudoin Lebon Gallery in Paris and the headquarters of the French General Confederation of Labour, CGT, in Montreuil.

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