Photography: Japanese Chronicles, by Dr. Christine Mangan

From the editor: Bestselling author of Tangerine, Dr. Christine Mangan, is currently spending some time in Japan, where she and her husband are having a great time, enjoying the food and kind people. Dr. Mangan wanted to share a couple of photos reflecting some glimpses of Japan’s cultural context via Indelible.

Outside Echigoya Honten, a liquor store on Yanaka Ginza, a busy shopping street. A local space where residents of Yanesen often gather to enjoy a cup of beer or sake and watch the crowds from the market go by, they are just as eager to welcome international visitors to sit on a crate beside them, oftentimes despite the lack of a common language

“Salaryman food.” All over the city there are places that cater to salarymen–food that is fast and cheap and oftentimes involves placing your order at a vending machine. We stumbled across this place and were interested in going in but there was no English menu, no pictures, nothing but Kanji written on the vending machine. We were about to give up and find somewhere else when the woman  in charge of the shop ran out, ushered us in, produced a book of pictures, and then ordered them for us on the machine. The result was two perfect bowls of ebi tempura soba, for under $10 USD.

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