Poetry: “Lunar Rhapsody” and “Aurora”, by Dr. Roula-Maria Dib

The first poem, “Lunar Rhapsody”, is an ekphrastic poem on artist Dr. Pamela Chrabieh’s painting (above) from her Engaging Gazes exhibition. The poem questions the thoughts and intentions hidden behind the lady’s feminine, furrowed brows…

The second poem, “Aurora” has been previously published in the Archive for Research in Archetypal Studies (ARAS); it is an abstract poem about collective unconscious, the invisible thread binding humanity…

Lunar Rhapsody

Amar, A Lunar Queen
Amar, to love
To breathe into the world of her eyes,
Wheeling, whirling, succumbing
to the music of the light–
Incantations of sin-aesthetics
In synaesthetic ecstasy.        

I wonder what hides behind that silver face,
Beyond the crimson, grey, and gold.
What engaging brow, lash, or spinneret
In the orb-web of the gaze
Grazes at the hidden snake, slithering
through the notes of an inner orchestral gamut?


So here we are again
In the now, in the know
A voice among the echoes
A flicker, a dance among the gleam
Ever an Indigo vibrancy— the iris of the mind
Encircling, vibrating rhythmically
In a cerebral dance.
Light of Light, very God of very God
Not unbeknownst to me, from the beginning
Another life, another realm
So far, yet so near
There, as it is here,
and nowhere.
Now as it was then,
Lights palpate, by vision
Whispering, waving
Calling from the tower–tor
A shout…thunder—Thor.
Baptisia blends
With the coat of many colors–
Pulling me closer, drifting forward
All the way to the golden thread
Pulsating backwards—special coding
To join the heart of Abraham,
Beating breath, throbbing light, flaring spirit,
Throwing crimson fuel onto the famished light.
‘Thoughts stir. Inspiration stalks us,’ she says.
Telepathy of healers, hearers
of secrets, seeing her Signatures in all things we read,
forever contemplating, coming back
to listen, to love, to live.
And so we are here again, one more time,
And time again,
Knowing the truth,
Being us,
Being them,
Simply being,`
Many times, and forever.           

Dr. Roula-Maria Dib 

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