Poetry, by Rohan Healy and Dana Hachwa

By Rohan Healy

“Evil is not something superhuman, it’s something less than human”

Fade, fade to black.
See the mountain, horse and rider.
Stoic guardian, 
Vile watchman. 
By his hand we are kept at bay.

Shimmering in his conquest.
Relishing in a victory paved
In eternal war. 
Beyond a crimson sky rises forth,
Wailing in every corner  

Scourge on this world,
Bleak mist that decays the land
And heavens.
This rider is only an echo.

Watch as the rider blanks out the Sun.
Feel the stillness, the riven
Look for Him, search for all time
Only see the Sun when you,
Fade to black

Joined at Daybreak 
by Dana Hachwa

Break, fast! Meeting eye to eye in a Teflon pan: no, they can’t, they wont 

stick. Still, by chance, the hungry heat was high, and they bind they cling, quick — ! 

and the spatula swoops to separate, but they burst forth: golden hearts, wholeheartedly not whole, pouring out. No 

matter, no matter; they’ll take a new route. With the flick of a whisk, they’re swept into one. A better, utter mesh. Well done. 

I plate them at your sunny side, and like every breakfast, our eyes, they join; our smiles, our hands, they intertwine. And as one we eat: 

scrambled eggs, a little salt; still hot. 

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