Haiku Corner

These haikus were written based on a few photos posted on the National Geographic website, taken from the following link: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/countries/your-architecture-photos/

Vatican Museums-Spiral staircase by Giuseppe Momo

Spiral Staircase, by Mira Matar:

The mind spirals down the swirling staircase searching for its quick escape

A Spiral of Stairs, by Nireka Dhameja:

Vatican museum
A spiral of stairs
A maze indeed, am I lost
Or simply been found?

The Staircase to Nowhere, by Melissa Mazman:

Do not look too long,
It will pull you into the,
Depths of a secret.

Hundred and Twenty Million Believers, by Melissa Mazman

One twenty million,
Come to cherish the beauty,
Of a land so holy.

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin

The Bridge, by Melissa Mazman:

Two becomes one,
Serenity filling the air,
Under one grand roof.

Notre-Dame de Paris, France, by Joyce Mansour

Peaceful are the skies when the clouds birth wind, and the orange sky turns purple.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, by Joyce Mansour

Gardens by the Bay, by Joyce Mansour:

Colored tresses light up their branches illuminating against the night sky.

The Man-Made Flowers, by Melissa Mazman:

The man-made flowers,
Rose from the depths of the earth,
Blooming in the sky.

Burj Khalifa, by Mira Matar:

The hazy fog hugs the splendid landscape in the city of lights

Tower in the Clouds, by Danya El-Malik:

Ascending summit
Sneering at the slighted sky
So where will it rise

The Golden Burj, by Melissa Mazman

The gold building pierced,
With power and elegance,
The clouds that were adrift.

D’entrecasteaux Channel, Australia

Woods Around a Cabin, by Danya El Malik

The oak’s incisors
Engulf her frail frame. With her
Light gone, oak remains

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