Art on Canvas by Amal Haig

Color has always been my trademark. I love to place complementary spots of color next to each other, and you can see repeated examples of this techniques in my artwork. Where there is cerulean blue, you’ll find a trace of orange; next to green, you’ll see a splash of red, and alongside a soft green, you’ll find a hint of purple. It’s a naturally pleasing effect on the eye, and when you know your magic color palette, it’s heaven! I mix  the Mediterranean sun with my colors and the Arabic calligraphy becomes an abstract echo in every touch and stroke. My canvas is my wonderland!

Mystery Goddess (90×80cm)
      I used to think that painting was an evolution from the figurative to the abstract. The drawing and composition are visible in my painting. It started in my first art show in 2000. Turning history into an art stroke!
Dare to Dream (80×60cm)
       This painting reflects a state of mind, and the lines and space help me create the figures. In the painting, I have to make a decision about what to sacrifice. It is an adventure with no limits ( I painted the frame as well)
Naked (80×60cm)
Unfinished Mask (50×60cm ) 
      Challenging myself with the Arabic calligraphy was a turning point in my artwork. Here, I switch freely from figurative to abstract work. Adding Arabic alphabets creates a new layer (as well as magic) for the drawings lines .
Rhythm Somewhere 2, canvas ( 60×50cm) (50×50cm)
        I’ve learned that logic and reason don’t necessarily make for good art, which relies more on going with the flow; letting yourself succumb to art rather than letting yourself overwhelm it, is the key. Here I portray myself as “paintaholic”, trying to play music using layers of paint as notes!

Amal Haig is a Lebanese-born artist living in Greece. She began drawing cartoons at the age of six, and by nineteen, she was already under the spell of Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. By then, she decided to study art and started painting subconsciously, as gestures or applied paint marks, smudges and lines stimulated her fantasy as more recognizable figures begin to emerge. The legacy of the first generation of Modern artists, has a big influence on Amal, yet she frequently sets up her own regulations and restrictions before beginning her works; for example, her pallet will only consist of few pigments, or she may only concentrate on one part of a picture leaving the rest as one single flat color; only within restrictions does she find absolute freedom. Quite often, she prefers using opposite tensions between colors and areas by intensifying accents of bright colors, and painterly sections scribbled over with drawing-like lines. In her paintings, one will find cheerfulness reflected in the use of many bright colors. Amal personally feels that a painting should emanate something positive, a vibration of rhythm that you follow unconsciously. Amal also customizes clothes, pottery, glass and other material. Amal has exhibited her works in Lebanon, the USA, and Greece.

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