Poems by Joan Leotta

Half a Rainbow
By Joan Leotta

Walking down to get my morning paper,
I glanced upward into a barely lit sky
still tremulous with dark

streaky clouds from the
previous night’s storm.
I spotted a rainbow

springing up from the river
running behind the neighbor’s
house across the street.

Bow of color bent over the marsh,
its tail end hidden by a still forming
new set of storm clouds.

I ran back into my house for a camera.
Padding back out still in robe and slippers
I spotted my neighbor across the street

her back to the awesome
sight, as she collected her newspaper
from her own driveway.

“A rainbow,” I cried out,” there’s a rainbow
behind you!”
“I know” she replied, drowning.

She gestured toward my camera.
“Its’ only a half rainbow. Hardly worthy.”
Amazed, I shook my head and snapped away.

I chose and would choose again
to revel even in that small bit of color.
No beauty should be wasted.

Printed in Ruby for Women 2017

Embracing  Waves

I wade in to meet the
quiet waves small waves,
the sort that lick your toes.
With no warning, a surge
of wild water rushes in tall
and strong pushing against
my  knees 
forcing me to fall
then another,
over my head,
My bottom is stuck in wet sand.
Salt water pings, stings  my
open-in-amazement eyes,
slipping into a mouth
that tries to call for help.
I gasp, gurgle and at last
Pull myself out of the muck
into a standing position.
I trudging through soft
wet sands  toward shore
As fast as I can slog.
I turn my back on the water.
A wave crashes over my head.
I bend over but do not fall.
At last, I can rest on my towel,
comb the sand from my hair,
watch seagulls at play, and
breathe fresh seaside air.
I look out at the cool gray
sea foam riding in on each
wave, rolling in ever faster,
I resolve to go back out
this time ready to meet,
even to embrace each wave.
I will not fall. I will not fail.

Previously Published in The Studio Voice in 2013


Slowly, slowly comes the light
Appearing between two trees
Sun’s orange glow signaling end of night

Up from the lake water clear and bright
As the ball rises up I hear the breeze
Sun’s orange glow bursts through, ending night.

Shadows that once gave me fright
now transform, defining bushes, birds and deer
as sun’s orange glow ends dark of night.

As I watch, a bird takes flight.
He soars then glides, completely free,
away from the lake, soon out of sight
as sun’s orange glow signals an end to night.

Joan Leotta
Author, Story Performer
“Encouraging words through Pen and Performance”
Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice, Secrets of the Heart. Historical fiction in Legacy of Honor Series
Simply a Smile--collection of Short Stories
WHOOSH! Picture book from THEAQ You can download a mini-chapbook of Joan Leotta’s poems at https://www.origamipoems.com/files/Books%20/2016/Joan_Leotta_-_Dancing_Under_The_Moon_2016R.pdf
For more about Joan Leotta’s work atwww.joanleotta.wordpress.com and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Leotta-Author-and-Story-Performer/188479350973

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