Art: ‘The Big Book of Rain’, by Gelareh Khoie

Gelareh Khoie

The Big Book of Rain, 1998

Collages and Mixed Media in an old book of Morality Tales 

There was an alternative gallery space in Honolulu where I lived just after art school and they were doing a show with a literary theme. I worked on this book of collages for a few months and built a little altar for it where it was displayed for the exhibition. The works are all completely intuitive. I carried around a big box of art supplies with me wherever I went and I had lots of scraps and photos and memorabilia in there, too, and glue, of course. I used money from a visit to China, I used found objects like photos found in the street, and I used letters and messages sent to me by friends over the years. The book also contains quite a bit of my writing, scribbled in the pages and written on the spot as I worked on the book. The entire book can be viewed on my website at

from The Big Book of Rain, by Gelareh Khoie

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