“Parched”, by Shirin Zeyaei

“I’m here to see you. As long as I can see, I wanna look at you.” – Emily Dickinson, Dickinson (2019 - )
I've poured another cup,
Chipped porcelain filled to the brim.

Sugar cubed prayer,
Rippling my mirage with
Soft, sweetened, desire.

My eyes weep with 
Parched to behold you.
Across from me, 
Sipping from your smiling lips,
As you quench your thirst
With a cup of tea. 

Shirin Zeyaei is an Emirati writer and has been from a young age, writing fantastical stories about her toys going on adventures. In recent years, Shirin describes herself as a “poet in progress”; having recently discovered and embraced a love for poetry, she spends her time experimenting and toying with different words until they string into the perfect image. Shirin’s biggest hope is to someday publish her work, whether a poetry book or a full-length novel. In her free time, Shirin enjoy solitary activities like building LEGO which lets her mind wander. She’s also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the American University in Dubai (AUD). Y’know, as a back-up plan.

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