Art: by Erika Pascual

This collection of illustrations include pieces that reflect my Filipino heritage as well as fun (and weird) comic excerpts exhibiting my love for food in general. The peculiar little ogre girls I call Paputok. They all have different preferences in food depending on how angry they are. The sepia-toned comic page featuring the Filipino-style sweet macaroni salad is an excerpt from my short journalism comic Christmas in the Philippines.

Erika Pascual is a Filipina-American artist and illustrator based in Hawaii. She created Modern
Enchantment Studios to share her passion for the arts, nature, food, culture, and crafts; (sometimes in a way that reflects her peculiar sense of humor.) Her love for drawing and telling stories lead her to the California College of Arts in San Francisco where she is currently working on a Comics MFA.
To see more of her work, follow her on IG @modernenchantment and Twitter @ModEnchantment!

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