Art: by Dixie Junius

With these circles, I have found a way of meditating while creating; this has yielded over 100 images and countless moments of serenity. I shall keep going, I think.

These works also reflect my fascination with the ideas of revealing and concealing, transformation of an image by partially obscuring it.

The initial image, a circular form and background, often requires up to three or four layers of intuitively applied paint, ink, pastels or a mixture. I love the nuanced nature of this part.

After some time to reflect, I am ready to select the ink or paint for the final, meditative layer; the
repetition of lines is both soothing and hypnotic. And the finished piece always surprises, often delights.
At the end, I’ve had many moments of peace and relaxation.

Dixie Denman Junius was raised in New York’s Catskill Mountains near the Woodstock Art Colony.
Surrounded by nature’s beauty, she was immersed from an early age in a community of artists, artisans, musicians, and gifted art educators.

She studied art, art history and psychology at Hartwick College and Boston University, graduating with a degree in psychology.

Her career took her from Boston to Southern California, where in the early 90’s, she left her consulting
practice to become a full-time artist. She studied papermaking at UCLA under Harriet Germain, who became a dear friend and mentor. She took further private instruction in Japanese papermaking with Yoshio Ikezaki.

Dixie became an accomplished papermaker, artist and teacher, showing and selling her work throughout Southern California.

A long hiatus from art followed, including a move to Hawaii for several years. Upon return to the mainland, she settled with her husband in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley and eventually resumed artmaking.

Tight studio space has brought opportunities to explore working small, extending her art in new and exciting directions and employing an array of materials, tools and techniques: watercolors, inks, pastels, brushes and pens, bits and bobs, things and stuff. These days, her eclectic work spans asemic writing/art, painting, drawing, papermaking, mono printing, mixed media, paper cutting, and photo glitching.

A lifelong learner, Dixie reads widely and takes as many art-related courses as her studio schedule allows. She spends time walking and running, with frequent breaks to photograph her surroundings. Sashiko, slow stitching, cooking and eating, and spending time with loved ones are her other favorite ways to enjoy her time here on this planet.

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