Art: by Marilene Sawaf

My painting of fruits, animals, birds and immigrants are inspired by my journey as an immigrant throughout my life. More about it can be seen in these YouTube videos:

or my website at

Marilene Sawaf was Born in Alexandria, Egypt and lived in Europe (Italy) and the Middle East (Lebanon and Egypt). After her arrival in the USA in 1980, her first paintings were inspired by her education in Interior Design and Architecture and her taste for enigmatic, colorful images. Since 1981, Marilene had been involved with many galleries, countless art exhibits in the New England area and a constant research into the creative side of painting. In 2006 and 2008 she received awards from the Currier Museum of Art in New Hampshire for her figurative paintings. In 2011, she became a member of the Copley Society of Boston, one of the oldest and most prestigious Art Association and Gallery of the Boston area.

Influenced by Medieval, Russian, Oriental, Indian and Persian Art, she noticed that she could visualize her secret world with different applications of paint.

More about Marilene’s paintings can be seen on her website at and in these YouTube videos:

One comment

  1. Beautiful work, Marilene! How lucky am I to have met you and are getting to know you through our poetry group.


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